This SEO is $0 (FREE) until you are Top 10

No excuses. 100% FREE unless you get results.

SEO gets your website ranked in the top 10 when someone searches Google. The biggest problem with finding a vendor is that it’s too technical. Too many businesses opt for the cheapest vendors or choose to work with agencies.

Imagine you have a serious heart condition. Do you go to the cheapest heart surgeon in India? So then why do you do the same thing for your own business?

Still want something “cheap”? Here’s a list of the cheapest SEO companies around.


Is it really free?

Yes. Aside from a small deposit (to safeguard myself in case clients suddenly disappear), my SEO is completely free until you’re Top 10 in Google.

How much do you charge once I’m on Page 1?

I charge a small monthly fee for every keyword on Page 1. The amount is capped so we have an incentive to work long-term and get you ranked for hundreds of keywords.

Why are you doing this? Is it a scam?

Businesses throw away money by spending on bad SEO simply because they chose the “cheapest” service. There was even one that lost $48,000 over 24 months with no results. Making it $0 means business owners finally dare to try proper, real SEO. If anything is a scam, it’s probably the $200 SEO you saw in an email. You CANNOT do proper SEO with a $200 budget.

What makes you different from cheap SEO vendors or SEO agencies in Singapore?

Firstly, I’m the actual guy planning the SEO. I’m not outsourcing it. But more importantly, will an SEO agency dare offer this guarantee?

Is your SEO real? Will my rankings drop after I stop paying you?

Rankings will IMPROVE. Rankings will STAY. You can be assured of both these things.

How fast will my rankings go up?

It depends on industry and keywords. But even tough competition can be cracked in as little as 3 months (see proof here).

What tactics do you use? Why can’t other vendors copy what you do?

Beginner SEO vendors edit your website. Advanced SEO vendors start building backlinks for you. My SEO involves establishing your business as an authority on Google, creating a social shield and up to 5 layers of backlinks. Something like that is not easily duplicated by novices.

Ok. I’m convinced. How do we start?

I’d need to take a look at your website first. I’d also need an idea of the keywords you want. I spend 2-3 days doing proper research and expanding on your keyword base. I then recommend a list of 10 high volume/high intent keywords and we can begin.



Client ranking for more than 30 high volume medical keywords within 3 months

“My website was very new but Nate got it up to Page 1 for more than 30 keywords in what is a very competitive industry. If you ever need an SEO guy, go with Nate!” – Rose, founder of

It’s FREE unless I deliver results. What are you waiting for? Send me a message using the form below.


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