About Me

Who I am

My name is Nate Wang. I’m a geek. A ridiculously passionate, digital marketing geek.

I’m consistently beating professional benchmarks for  by 400%. I’ve worked with American Express, Yahoo, Starhub, Genting and trained people at Facebook, Google, Starcom. IDC approached me for strategic industry insights and I’ve also helped banks save 98% on marketing costs. I was the brainchild behind the 4,400% user revenue growth of Deloitte’s fastest growing tech startup in Singapore (2013). Apart from those, I’ve helped the world’s largest private education group reach peak performance levels in search marketing within 3 days. The list goes on.

I currently offer FREE consulting for charities, social causes and start-ups with shoestring budgets. I also work with my own private clientele at That Web Consultant.

You might be wondering, “Why does someone as established as you, who used to make a 5-figure salary, do this for free?”

Well, you can find your answer in the first sentence of this article.

Now, go on and read the story about why I started this blog.


Why I started this blog

Back in May 2015, a powerful earthquake devastated Nepal. You remember that incident, right?

I recall sitting at my dinner table a week after, and my mom showing me a news article about it. The article stated that the Red Cross is struggling to help the victims because they are not getting enough donations. I thought to myself then, “How can no one be donating when a simple social media post can raise $12,000 for a Vietnamese tourist who got scammed at Sim Lim?”

My mom then asked me, “Do you want to donate to Nepal quake victims?”

That was when I realized, despite the hundreds of articles and social media posts I saw on the disaster, I couldn’t recall a single one telling me how I could help. If there was, it was neither prominent nor memorable. I didn’t even know where I could donate to the Red Cross!

Charities simply weren’t leveraging the power of digital marketing.

But they aren’t the only group. There are startup entrepreneurs, struggling businesses, social movements, associations that don’t have access to the multi-million dollar marketing budgets. As a consequence, these groups are either forced to do their own marketing, or work with low-performance agencies which don’t deliver the results they need.

Top level digital marketing, and especially the KNOWLEDGE in this area, shouldn’t be something reserved only for companies with multi-million dollar budgets. Every business needs it.

This is my platform to share that knowledge.


What I write about

The honest and often HARSH truth about digital marketing and the web industry.

I write articles about digital marketing, web design, growth hacking, SEO and other related stuff. I say it like it is, good or bad.

Some of the articles here will leave you shocked. But all of them will leave you a little bit more knowledgeable about the tricky world of professional digital marketing.


Who it is for

Business owners. Marketing managers. Charities. Social groups. Bootstrapping start-ups. Students. Sole-proprietors.

Articles will be less technical and instead focus more on what you need to know so you can make a business decision.

What are you waiting for? Start reading now.