$0 SME Marketing That Surprisingly Works in Singapore

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If any of you have read THAT previous post of mine, you’d probably know by now that hiring digital marketing agencies in Singapore is hard.


Any agency can claim good figures (“Increased revenue by 30%”) etc. But:

  • If you spend $5,000 on marketing, you’d always see an increase in sales. That’s nothing amazing. However, that increases in sales doesn’t mean you earn more than $5,000 back. You might still lose money to ads and agency fees.
  • Fixed fees bring about a conflict of interest. Your marketer only needs to do the minimum required to earn your fixed fee every month. Whether you make or lose money, he still gets his fee.
  • If someone can help you make so much extra all the time, why is he/she still charging you a monthly fee instead of a pushing for a profit share? This shows 0 business sense. And you wouldn’t want to trust your marketing to someone with 0 business sense.


Profit sharing investment.

I PAY FOR YOUR MARKETING. I BEAR ALL THE COSTS INVOLVED. And I hire the people I need to get the stuff in return for a cut on the profits generated by my work.

No profits? I get nothing and lose all the money I put in.


Of course, with any business investment, this doesn’t come without a catch. My 4 criteria:

  • You sell mainly to other SMEs (not looking to invest in consumer retail or MNC sector now)
  • A proven business model (apologise I’m not looking at potential ideas or startups now)
  • You already do sales & marketing but are hungry for even faster growth
  • Profit per sale of at least a few thousand (not looking at high volume/small ticket items)

Everyone loves numbers so I’d give some.

My most recent investment the company get an extra $110,000 revenue last month. Facebook, Google, Marketing, Sales Costs came from my end. They work on around 300% profit margin based on variable-costs-per-sale.

If you fulfill all 4 criteria, DROP ME A MESSAGE WITH THE FORM BELOW. Let’s discuss more.


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A leading digital marketer in Singapore, Nate has beaten professional benchmarks for Google SEM by 400%. Previously a Vice-President of Marketing in his corporate career, he's worked with American Express, Yahoo, Starhub, Genting. Trained people at Facebook, Google, Starcom. Approached for strategic insights by IDC. Helped a bank save 98% on marketing. Increased user revenue for Deloitte's fastest growing tech startup in Singapore by 4,400%.

Currently offering free consulting for charities, social causes and start-ups with shoestring budgets. Also works with private clientele at That Web Consultant.

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